AoHE courses for Enthusiasts


Workshop Skills

SK1Welding for beginnersMIG techniques, types of joints, preparation methods, sill repair, wheel arch repair, exhaust repair1 dayTBC

Additional PPE Available at cost.
SK2Workshop toolsHow to use workshop tools, where to buy, how to set up a home workshop1 day£250

SK3Fabrication and metalworkingHow to form metal parts, use of hand tools and power tools, design of basic parts1 day£250

Classic Car Electrics

CCE1Starter, Battery and charging.Basic electrical principles, faults and fixes for starter motors, alternators, dynamos, batteries and wiring1 day£250

CCE2Lighting systemsBasic systems, headlights (sealed beam, halogen, LED conversions), Indicators, hazard warning, side lights, stop lights, fog and driving lights, adding lights, LED conversions, regulations, wiring methods1 day£250

CCE3Radio and soundsBasic sound system principles, wiring methods, speaker types and ratings, wire types, earthing, avoiding electrical noise, connector types, GPS, USB, connectivity.1 day£250

CCE4Dash instruments and sendersGauge types, typical faults and fixes, fuel level gauge, temperature gauge, charge warning light, oil pressure warning and gauge, voltmeter, ammeter, regulators, speedo, rev counter, dash illumination1 day£250

CCE5Spark ignition and fuelPrinciples of ignition, fuel systems and classic injection systems. Typical faults and fixes, distributors, electronic ignition, fuel pump circuit, coils, classic injection systems.1 day£250

Basic Car Maintenance
BCM1ServicingEngine oil change, Coolant check and change, Brake discs and pads change, brake fluid change and bleed Wheel change, battery check and change, drive belts check and change1 day£250

BCM2Engine major serviceCam belts and chains, cam cover and sump gaskets, oil seals1 day£250

BCM3Diagnostics, emissions and OBDModern engine management systems, on board diagnostics, code readers, live data, interpreting codes diesel and petrol emissions, lambda, remaps.1 day£250